Available for Android. Coming soon to iOS

Let your friends text for you.

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Your texts + your friends connected

Unsure of what to text someone
Need help texting someone you just met
Miimic lets your friends text for you


1. Choose a conversation for a friend to Miimic


2. Your friend can view the conversation and send a response for you


3. You'll have a chance to approve or reject before the message is sent

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Send better texts

Your texts have never been better since Miimic

Choose a conversation

All your texts are instantly ready for
Miimic - all you have to do is choose a

Choose a friend

Your friend is able to briefly view
the conversation and send a response
on your behalf.

All it takes is one click

Miimic is easier than sending your own texts

Review Miimic

After your friend responds, you can approve
or reject the Miimic. You will never be stuck
in an embarrassing moment.

Receive text

Your friend receives the text and it will
look like you sent it. They will never know
your secret - Miimic.

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